At data.nextgis.com service we use OpenStreetMap and a few other open and public domain sources to create regularly updated spatial datasets for any area of the world. The datasets are provided in ESRI Shapefile, ESRI Geodatabase, Mapinfo TAB, GeoJSON, PBF, OSM (XML), SQL (PostgreSQL), CSV and PDF formats and can be used in most of the existing GIS.

All datasets at data.nextgis.com are published under the Open Database License (ODbL). Read what you can and cannot do with this data in this Legal FAQ.

Coordinate system: WGS84
Projection: latitude/longitude

Why Use Our Service

  1. Datasets we provide at data.nextgis.com have quite a few advantages in comparison with the original OSM XML format:
    • Datasets are provided in popular GIS formats
    • All datasets are accompanied by GIS project files, so you can start working with data straight away
    • All GIS projects are customized (styles, icons, etc. added)
    • Data is split into layers, every data layer contains its own set of attributes
    • Datasets can be ordered for any month and year starting 05.2009
  2. Datasets include additional data layers absent in the original OSM XML:
    • Administrative boundaries truncated by land boundaries (original layer with administrative boundaries polygons is also included)
    • Coastlines, land and water boundaries
    • All administrative boundaries features are supplemented with IDs and names of the upper level features (hierarchy of all administrative levels)
  3. By using data.nextgis.com you contribute to OpenStreetMap: 10%% of our profits go directly to OpenStreetMap Foundation.

How To Purchase Data

At data.nextgis.com you can order:

  • a dataset from a list, the prices start from €3
  • a dataset for a custom area, the prices start from €4

The order can be paid through Stripe, using credit/debit card. The order processing starts once the payment is received.

Most orders are completed within 60 minutes. After your order is completed you will receive a download link via email you indicated in the order form.

In order to download purchased dataset you’ll need to sign up at my.nextgis.com and log in with your account details.

How Up-To-Date Are Datasets

All datasets are generated using OpenStreetMap database relevant on the order date. Historical data are relevant to a chosen month/year.

Data samples in available formats