Layer Description Geometry
aerialway-line Aerialways (lines) line
aerialway-point Aerialways (points) point
airport-polygon Airports polygon
boundary-polygon Administrative boundaries polygon
boundary-polygon-land Administrative boundaries clipped by land area polygon
building-point Buildings (points) point
building-polygon Buildings (polygons) polygon
coastlines Coastlines line
highway-crossing-point Pedestrian crossings point
highway-line Highways line
land Land polygon
landuse-polygon Landuse polygon
nature_reserve-polygon Protected areas polygon
parking-polygon Parking polygon
poi-point Points of interest (points) point
poi-polygon Points of interest (polygons) polygon
power-line Powerlines line
power-point Powerline towers point
public-transport-line Public transportation routes line
public-transport-point Public transportation stops point
railway-line Railways line
railway-platform-polygon Railway platforms polygon
railway-station-point Railway stations point
settlement-point Settlements (points) point
settlement-polygon Settlements (polygons) polygon
surface-polygon Surfaces polygon
vegetation-polygon Vegetation polygon
water Water polygon
water-line Waterways line
water-polygon Lakes and large rivers polygon

Each layer has its own set of attributes.