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Number of layers: 29
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Number of features
Administrative boundaries 13175
Administrative boundaries clipped by land area 13166
Aerialways (lines) 3
Aerialways (points) 4
Buildings (points) 17679
Buildings (polygons) 22284670
Coastlines 10289
Highways 1878132
Lakes and large rivers 17003
Land 9684
Landuse 93273
Parking 2563
Pedestrian crossings 1024
Points of interest (points) 85324
Points of interest (polygons) 23321
Protected areas 470
Public transportation routes 380
Public transportation stops 1968
Railway platforms 46
Railway stations 589
Railways 3410
Settlements (points) 78597
Settlements (polygons) 1036
Surfaces 4288
Vegetation 15082
Water 583
Waterways 89707

Each layer has its own set of attributes.

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